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We’re glad your curiosity led you here! Our aim is to help incredible colleagues live well, expand their voices, and serve clients joyfully in their practice.

Sensible Therapy Practices educates and supports therapists through targeted coursework, individual consultation, groundbreaking events, and rich community – advancing within the following areas of focus…

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Together, We Can Effect Change

Learning to think & practice ethically – without fear IN the lead

Practicing ethically is important to all of us. But sometimes, fear can leave us activated, and in such distress that our why for doing the work we love can get eclipsed, draining our joy and standing in the way of being at our best for both clients and ourselves. Let us help you find objectivity and validation to guide you on your path with the confidence you deserve.

Making impacts beyond the walls of your office

Change is hard to accomplish without tactical, insider knowledge. You have great ideas – but where do you take them to be heard, taken seriously, and applied for real change? And, how do you make decisions for advocacy that are effective, congruent with your values and personality, and sustainable for the long term? Let’s collab to build a plan for the change you wish to see.

Joining together with colleagues with shared values

An action-centered community that moves tangible change for therapists and the clients we care about. Standing on real wins and with strong relationships at our Board and Legislature, we are deeply engaged in advocacy and have the experience and tactical support we need to create big change. The friendships and networking are a bonus. This is YOUR Coalition!

Building the practice lifestyle you’ve dreamed of, in tangible and thoughtful ways

Private practice therapists (and hopefuls) are drawn to this field for a variety of reasons, yet we all come with a deep passion and a vision for what this work will look like and how it will feel.

Somewhere along that path, various obstacles and contexts have meant that your practice isn’t quite how you imagined it. Perhaps…

  • You’re a seasoned practice owner, but you’re struggling with how your day or week looks or feels. You don’t quite know what’s not working, or you do, but don’t have the confidence or resources for a proverbial remodel…or even a few crucial changes that will make all the difference.
  • You’ve been working for others for quite some time, at an agency or group practice, and need support to discern whether to create your own space, as well as wise support on how to create it.
  • You’re newer to the field and have seen disaster and toxic practice spaces. You’ve seen burnout, chaos, greed, and ethical disappointment. Supervision…isn’t what you expected. You need an ally in staying above water and carving out a path of growth that will get you to full licensure while staying passionate, motivated, and kind to yourself.

Consultation can help. Motivation matters, and so does using our time well and connecting you with the right free resources to complement our work together so that your efforts and go to the moon and back! And, because you exist and are WISE beyond the walls of your office, you deserve the chance to bring your voice and wisdom to other venues, if that’s your vibe.

Is your interest piqued?


stay a while to explore and let your curiosity and optimism take the wheel

Imagine what life as a therapist could be like with nonjudgmental support, visionary direction, and a wise and personal strategy like you didn’t know was possible. We hope you’ll share your thoughts, goals, and ideals with us, as well as any questions you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

It’s Never Too Early (OR TOO LATE) To MOVE FORWARD!

Halina Brooke, LPC, MS


And I love helping therapists find their voice, live their values, and make an impact in the community.

What does that mean, and how did we get here? 

Well, for starters, I’m a therapist and educator myself, and I started flexing my advocacy voice in preschool, going on to write into the local paper and speak at Board of Education meetings in grade school. Some of us just can’t not say or do something when we see something…


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