About Me


MS, LPC, SEP-in-Training

I love helping therapists find their voice, live their values, and make an impact in community.  What does that mean, and how did we get here?

Well, for starters, I’m a therapist and educator myself, and I started flexing my advocacy voice in preschool, going on to write into the local paper and speak at Board of Education meetings in grade school.

Some of us just can’t not say or do something when we see something!

The best part, to me, has been getting to know other incredible therapists and supporting them in building the confidence, tactical skills, and clarity of vision to amplify their wisdom and develop as changemakers themselves! All while building sensible practices for self-care, sustainability, and ethical stewardship.

And that’s what I’m bringing you here!

I have come to realize there is a deep need for a compassionate understanding of the clinical relationship, and for supporting both clinicians and clients in having the best possible experience while engaging in the incredible process of change within this realm.

Do what you love, and LOVE your life doing it.

A Bit of Background…

Since my first internship in higher education curriculum development in the early 2000’s, I’ve had a passion for making education and advocacy accessible, meaningful, and exciting. Teaching was my first professional love. Getting a chance to make concepts meaningful, and learning personal, with my undergrad psychology lab students was an honor that carries through to today, even as I am no longer teaching within a formal university structure.

I also come with a long background in media, ghostwriting, and communications. Beginning with a journalism scholarship and serving on the local college newspaper as a nerdy 14-year-old and then bringing that skillset to professionals and political campaigns over the next two decades has been richly rewarding. I find that it’s not just the tangible results of good copy/media, but the shift in a person or community when their vision and identity are named well, with meaning and authenticity. Breathing life into ideas and finding just the words and presentation to make the meaningful into the deeply compelling is a skillset it’s been a joy to refine.

Over time, I’ve found myself harnessing all these pieces to steward connection, growth, and change within our larger professional community. This has included…

  • Successfully advocated for the removal of harmful, bigoted material from a national therapy licensure exam (AMFTRB).
  • Led the successful effort to save 170 Supervised Private Practices in Arizona, preserving livelihoods and hundreds of clients’ care.
  • Independently Advanced Interstate Compact Legislation in Arizona, getting as far as an introduced bill in 2023, and laying the groundwork for a fully funded endeavor in 2024.
  • Presented at half a dozen professional associations/conferences, plus nearly a dozen public-facing podcasts.
  • Community building success, including founding and building an international ethnic minority therapist organization of over 1,000 members and getting the first advocacy-focused, interdisciplinary behavioral health professional association off the ground in Arizona.

The best part, by far, has been connecting with other therapists who are growing in brave ways, want to make a difference, and indeed ARE making a difference.

The deep connections with colleagues are nothing short of the best honor of my life. Walking alongside colleagues navigating the aftermath of clinical mistakes or difficult splits with employers, planning and tackling big advocacy and justice goals with passionate colleagues, and supporting other therapists in designing a life and path of sustainable practice that is richly rewarding: all of this is a deeply gratifying dream come true.

Over the last few years, it’s been humbling and exciting to find myself in a place where I’m getting phone calls, emails, and requests for consultation to help navigate difficult situations and advance the advocacy goals of passionate therapists like you. And, after much encouragement, I’m finally opening that door, here at Sensible Therapy Practices.