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Maybe you’re like us and seeing injustice or barriers to care grinds your gears. Watching populations, and the clients within them, go without their needs being met or their suffering being seen, brings the worst kind of frustration and angst. Or maybe you steward your power and access in community more quietly, but as you’ve had your sleeves rolled up and been in the trenches with clients, themes continue to pop up and you just know that larger policy changes would mitigate some big suffering or access issues.

Change is hard to accomplish if you don’t know the path. You have great ideas – but where do to take them to be heard, taken seriously, and brought to the table for real change? And more importantly, how do you decide how to move forward in advocacy, so you can stay nourished and congruent with your personality style and comfort level, not burn out, and be most effective?

Check out the education and events menu—you might find exactly what you’ve got a taste for. And paired with personal consultation, we’ll build you the most incredible toolbox and plan.

Remember, too, that you’re not alone in grappling with this big growth, and big commitment to yourself and how you design your life as a therapist.

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