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What We Do

Sensible Therapy Practices: A Dedicated Space for All Things Therapist Growth

Through personal consultation and small group learning experiences, our team of special advisors led by Halina Brooke, LPC, provide pathways for therapists to make a big impact, serve clients joyfully, and live richly while doing it. We bring more than two decades of experience in advocacy, leadership, and education together with a passion for psychotherapy, therapists, and our professional community.

We’re passionate about areas that often intimidate, or even terrify, practitioners. And we’re here to disarm those bombs one by one: government engagement, advocacy, professional regulation, sticky ethical situations, supervision woes, and grappling with the desire to (gasp!) live well as a “helping professional.”

In a climate where everyone seems to be consulting or training, you should know what sets us apart: we have the tactical skills, seasoned approaches, and balance of compassion and aspiration that you deserve! And everything we do holds connection – to yourself, your peers, and your passion – as central to the process.

Sensible Therapy Practices Provides Services Such As…

    • Individual Consultations. Available either a la carte or through package pricing, we provide either virtual or in-person consultation. When we discuss your project, struggle, or vision, we’ll look at wisdom, strategy, and self-of-the-therapist elements of the task at hand. Topics include moving through clinical/ethical mistakes, becoming burnout resistant, gaining traction with big advocacy goals, and more. Discounts available for advocacy-based consultation needs.
    • Experiential Advocacy Events. These are opportunities to visit places like the Legislature, Executive Tower (Governor’s Offices), Board Meetings/Offices, and other centers of policy and change that impact our professions and the clients we support. These experiences last from 2 to 5 hours and involve learning, building relationships with elected and appointed leaders, and engaging in real advocacy efforts that make a difference for you and your colleagues and clients!
    • Small Group Workshops. Offered online, in person at The Retreat in North Phoenix, and at private practices throughout Arizona (and beyond), these are opportunities to learn and grow in community. How do you show up ethically while keeping fear at bay? What goes into designing a private practice lifestyle that feels truly rewarding and sustainable? How do you support clients who present with stigma? And how do you navigate when personal and professional values don’t mesh up? Semi-customized workshops are also available to associations, group practice owners, and others looking to offer a unique growth opportunity to their teams.
    • Custom Projects & Media Appearances. For work that requires substantive strategy, writing, or expertise, consult with us about putting together a package that meets your needs and helps get you where you want to go. This can include practice/lifestyle design, charting a path to influence the discourse around a passion topic/area, and more. We’re available to collaborate on written, spoken, and visual media to get you to the finish line with whatever you’ve dreamt up!

Community Efforts. We also give back to the community with free* monthly consultation groups and occasional free events and webinars. Themes include advocacy, experiential arts, sand tray, sensory, and support for emerging therapists. *Optional donations invited to help cover costs.

Sensible therapy practices in action

STP Group headed to Executive Branch AZ Govt

A Group of Arizona Counselors Going to Learn Legislative Best Practices For Advocating & Making Impactful Changes to Board Regulation!

The STP Group Meets with Director of Boards & Commissions and Special Project Staff at the Executive Branch of AZ Government March 2023

STP Group at Executive Branch AZ Govt
Therapists Getting Crafty Collaboration Peer Group Workshops

Clinician Craft Time

An arts-based consultation group for advocacy-minded therapists where they can come together to create, connect, and grow. STP Coalition members have access to fun and supportive groups like this one in our local Phoenix community.

Please reach out to book a consultation to discuss your needs, dreams, and passions today. We can put together a plan for individual support, group learning experiences, collaborative projects, or anything else calling out for action!!!